Price list

The hourly rate varies between 900 and 1250 SEK excluding VAT, depending on the assignment.

Project management

Project management within communication and marketing. Traditional and digital.

1000 SEK/hr


Communication management, crisis communication and PR.

1000 SEK/hr

Email marketing

Strategy, tactics, content and admin of your email newsletters. Mailchimp, Hubspot, Apsis.

900 SEK/hr

Social media

Strategy, tactics, content and admin of your accounts. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

900 SEK/hr


From brand strategies to campaign and channel strategies.

1250 SEK/hr


Word and photos that engage and add value in traditional and digital channels.

900 SEK/hr


Updates and maintenance of your website. Support towards suppliers.

900 SEK/hr


Planning and facilitation of effective workshops that lead to new insights and results.

1000 SEK/hr